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How to Love a Ghost: Making Peace with my Long Gone Father


When you are estranged from your father, every day is Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is always rough for people who have had difficult relationships with their fathers.    But this year was particularly difficult for me because of Facebook.

First, I posted my daily haiku as part of a challenge I had take on January 1stto write a haiku a day for a year.    Here is what I posted.  I called it Father’s Day.

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Watching the Superbowl: Deflated Balls and Domestic Violence

There was a very special commercial sponsored by the NFL during the Superbowl XLIX.  It was a public service announcement against domestic violence.  It was a pretty chilling spot and it was very effective too.  Only thing is, not that many people saw it.

It aired right before the halftime show, immediately following Seattle’s touchdown with 2 seconds left in the second quarter that left everyone I was watching the game with screaming for joy or in disgust, depending on which team they were rooting for.

But I saw it.

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