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With over forty years of experience helping others tell and craft their stories, Marsha offers a range of creative services for individuals, groups and educators including developmental editing, story consulting, dramaturgy, writing retreats, documentary theater and workshops for teachers of writing.

After seeing myself, through your loving eye, I knew myself better and maybe even loved myself a little more. Thank-you for that.

Without Marsha’s active participation in sculpting the narrative of “Halvor’s Radio”, it would have never turned out as well as it did. She understood what the story needed and was a supportive collaborator.

Story Consulting

Let Marsha help you tell your story in the most effective way. Whether you are writing a screenplay, stage play, novel or personal narrative, Marsha can provide you with individualized story consultation services, including developmental editing, dramaturgy, story structure, and thematic unity. Schedule a free 30 minute session with Marsha to discuss your project!

Writing Workshops & Retreats

Marsha offers a range of writing workshops, in person and on line, with specific expertise in topics of interest to women writers. Sample workshops include, Writing the Haiku Memoir, and Recovering Persephone: How Your “Inner Girl” Can be a Catalyst for Writing. Marsha also has years of experience creating generative writing retreats including the highly successful “A Room of Our Own Making” designed for women teachers who write. Schedule a free 30 minute session with Marsha to explore ways she can help you plan your next retreat.

workshops & retreats

Professional Development for Educators

With over thirty five years of experience as a public high school teacher, a university professor, a Fellow of the Urban Sites of the National Writing Project and a Scholar of the Carnegie Foundation’s Academy of Teaching and Learning, Marsha has designed and implemented generative and inquiry-based professional development for educators in a variety of contexts nationwide. Her work addresses issues of equity, diversity and social justice centered around the questions, experiences and knowledge of classroom teachers about their own practice as a way to bring about substantive change. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your professional development needs.

Documentary Theater

As a high school teacher in contentious times, Marsha discovered the power of documentary theater as a way to bring open and ethical dialogue into the classroom as way to explore differences and promote empathy. A process that involves personal writing, interviews and historical documents presented theatrically in a public forum, Documentary Theater can cut through the noise and open a space for communities to engage across differences. In addition to her work with high school students after Columbine and 9-11, Marsha has co directed The Election Monologues and the #MeToo Monologues in Santa Fe, NM.  Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your documentary theater project.

Santa Fe #MeToo Monologues

Filmoir Productions

Personalized Filmmaking

Filmoir™ Productions is a boutique production company which will help you tell your story in a personalized, unique film. In these turbulent times, it is not surprising that memoirs top the best seller lists. We are hungry for meaning and context in our lives and we learn so much from the stories of others. Filmoir™ has worked with writers and artists to develop their stories using a combination of self-reflective interviews, documentary footage, and artifacts to create a unique and personal short film. Watch Third Act in Taos to see an example.  Schedule a free 30 minute call to talk about how Marsha can work with you to tell your story on film.

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