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“That’s whiteman’s bullshit!!!” Steve W.  calls out from the last row.

I freeze.

“That’s white man’s bullshit.  You’re just repeating some white man’s bullshit and we don’t have to listen to it!!!”

I like Steve a lot.  He’s a good guy.  And smart. On the basketball team.  Funny. Only he’s not being funny. He’s dead serious and the class goes silent except for a couple of “whoa’s”  and “whoo’s”  and “he tole her’s.”

Thirty years later,  I can be there again in an instant –  seeing myself through their eyes.. this thirty four year old white, Jewish woman pretending she knows something she doesn’t…. speaking with an authority which isn’t mine…   seeing my classroom – with the posters of Shakespeare and Chaucer and Hawthorne and Twain  — these icons of greatness staring down at all of us –  none of them looking anything like my students.  Or me for that matter.

–  Excerpt from Chalkdust by Marsha Pincus


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