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“We must use what we have to invent what we desire,”  Adrienne Rich, What is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and Politics


Marsha PincusI first encountered the poet Adrienne Rich when I was a doctoral student in Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.  At the time I was also teaching high school.  These words inspired me to view my teaching as a creative and radical act that pushed back against structures and systems that oppressed students and made teachers complicit in that oppression.   In my teaching life, re-invented my classroom, developing curriculum and programs which grew from my students’ lives and real questions, then providing them with  the resources to create their own projects from those questions.  This approach proved empowering to both students and teacher.

In this, my post-teaching chapter, I have re-embraced Rich’s words and re-created the infrastructure of my life to support my own creative desires and the creative desires of other women.

In 2016, after visiting for nine years, I returned to Santa Fe permanently and purchased the place where I’d first stayed in 2014 to write my one woman show Chalkdust.   I now live in the house on the front part of the property, and I have re-conceived the casita as a sanctuary for creative women like you.

For decades, women from all over the world have made the pilgrimage to Santa Fe and other parts of New Mexico, drawn by the majesty of the landscape and the magic of the creative energy.

I invite you to experience Santa Fe in a comfortable, fully equipped, private casita in the historic downtown district  designed specifically for your comfort and creative needs.

Some suggestions for ways to enjoy Two Ravens Studio:

  • Begin a project you have been wanting to do for a long time.
  • Finish a project whose ending has eluded you.
  • Conduct research for a book, thesis or dissertation.
  • Work on your portfolio and explore new artistic visions
  • Dream, heal, be inspired and let the muses find you

With my 40 years of experience supporting students, artists and writers realize their creative vision, I look forward to working with you as a creative consultant, developmental editor and/or completion coach.


Two Ravens Testimonial:

My time in the casita, Two Ravens, was mystical, creative and deeply fulfilling. The ravens were there, as the name promises, and the small enclosed patio was a perfect place to start the day with coffee and journal in hand. The casita is a space where I was able to close my self off and work for hours at a time and hear no one and nothing, but less then three minutes away was the bustling action of the center of Santa Fe. I walked between worlds for all the time I was there.It offered a perfect creative sanctuary with walking access to the outside world. It was beautiful and I hope to return.    Melissa Coss Aquino,  Writer, Educator, Activist. NYC.




For more pictures and information, visit visit the VRBO page about Two Ravens Studio.   Seasonal rates apply.   Longer term stays with creative consultation services will be discounted.

Email me now to learn more and to set up a free half hour creative consultation. Let me help you invent what you desire!

Custom Retreat:
Invent What You Desire

Stay for as many days as you’d like and choose from a range of creative and healing services.  Work with Marsha to truly invent what you desire.

2 Ravens Signature
Retreat Package

11 nights and 10 days with 10 hours of individualized creative consultation, designed with Marsha specifically for your project.

A Room of
Your Own

Have a room of your own to work on your project with the time and space to get it done.  Two 1/2 hour creative consultation sessions are included.

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